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I’m sure you can sing a little bit, right? I mean, you sing in the shower (which, by the way, has amazing acoustics and is a good vocally-hydrated place to do voice exercises!) and in the car along with the radio. But how do you go from there to learning how to become a better singer?

1. Vowel sounds are also very important. Some vowel sounds are "dipthongs," which means they have more than one pure vowel sound in them. The pure vowel sounds are "Ah, eh, ee, o, ooh." Some vowels, like the long "I" sound, are a combination of these sounds - in that case, "Ah - ee." When you run into dipthongs, you must pronounce both vowel sounds. You must also pronounce the vowel sounds clearly and by the pure sounds, NOT the same as you would in general speaking. For example, the sentence "Night has gone and day has come" would be "N-ah-ee-ght hAHs gone AHnd dAHy hAHs cUHm."

2. In singing, you must know how to breathe properly. There are techniques and exercises to follow so that the quality of your voice will improve. When you breathe correctly, the right amount of air comes in and out of your airway thus producing a clear vocal tone. When you inhale deeply, your lungs will open so you have to make sure its space capacity for air is filled up. The air you gradually and firmly take in must come from the diaphragm instead of your chest. The reason for filling up your lungs with enough air is for you to sing your notes extensively and effortlessly. If you practice this all day, you are on your way to becoming a better singer.

3. Try singing them without a tune for a while and then try putting it to music. If you make sure your vowels are crisp and well formed you will put your mouth and tongue in the right positions for better singing.

4. try to find vocal exercises to train your singing mechanisms and muscles. There are numerous singing exercises to develop different singing techniques such as exercises for voice flexibility, for broadening your vocal range, for developing good breathing techniques, for more powerful voices, for getting good vibratos and so on and so forth. All good singing teachers will have a wide repertoire of vocal exercises to train their students.  

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