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how to sing good

How to sing good Information

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how to sing good - Singing is a skill based on muscle memory.It is an extension of speech. To become a "good" singer you must be able to breathe properly, sing with power (resonance) and sing on pitch. To become a "great" singer you'll need to add musicality that only comes with incessant practice. Singing is a lot of fun and most likely you will be admired if you're a good singer.

Here some tips about how to sing good

1. Find a vocal coach or qualified voice teacher if you can afford one.  It could be someone you know who has gone through voice training already, but it is always good to look for a professional. Incorrectly performed techniques can ruin your singing voice. Investing in an experienced vocal coach is well worth the money. If your voice is weak, know that this is usually caused by under-developed muscles or improper use of the resonators (the pharynx, the hard palate, and the nasal cavity).

2. Learn your vocal range. This is essential, as singing pieces written for the wrong range may strain your voice. The tone of your voice is much more important than range. People will love or hate your voice based on its sound character, not how many notes you can hit. Never sacrifice tone for range (stay inside your range). Your range can change over time and with maturity and training but vocal chords can not learn to physically change.

3. To sing well, you need to breathe properly. The more air that you pull into your lungs, the faster the air will want to go out, thus making your sound bigger. Breathe through your mouth, not your nose. You'll get more air quicker. Put your hands on your hips, then move them up past your waist to your ribs. You should feel them move outward if you're getting enough air.

Make sure to open your mouth to an "ahhh", the long way, vertically. Almost like a yawn. Not wide though, long. Do this when you breathe AND when you sing. The more your mouth is open lengthwise, the older your sound will be.

4. Practice scales. You need to do this often if you have pitch problems. Most coaches will recommend 20-30 minutes a day when starting out. Practicing scales will also strengthen the muscles used for singing and give you better control. To practice scales, identify your range (tenor, baritone, alto, soprano, etc.) and know how to find the notes that cover your range on a keyboard or piano. Then practice the major scale in every key moving up and down using the vowel sounds. At some point you can start working in minor scales as well. Solfege (Do,Re,Mi,...) is also an effective tool for improving pitch problems.

5. Learn How to Sing Online
The internet has given people the capability of doing many things online that they would never have access to before. That is the great thing about it. I can teach you how to sing and do it right from your home while you're in front of your computer. You can learn many different exercises and strategies that you can put into place that will really help to improve your voice and make you sound much better.

But if you're playing on doing this from home on your computer, than you really need to get something called Singorama. It is a completely online and computer oriented way of learning how to sing good. I've personally been using it for quite some time and it has helped me out tremendously. The big benefit that you're not going to get from regular books, is that you're going to be able to view videos of what you're learning and the exercises that you're expected to do. This will give you a pretty big advantage when you're learning to improve your singing voice. You should definitely get yourself a copy of that program.

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