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how to sing higher

how to sing higher Tips

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Are you envious of your favorite artists who seem to effortless hit high notes? It certainly makes it hard to sing along with their songs sometimes doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that it is possible to increase and expand your voice range and sing higher. In fact, once you know how to sing higher, you might be surprised that it wasn’t so difficult after all. Before you begin though, there are some fundamental things you should know to help you in your quest to increase your vocal range.

Here some tips how to sing higher

1. Warm up your voice. Warm ups can include humming your favorite song or singing something like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Another great exercise for range increase includes humming your lowest note, then moving up to your highest and back down like a siren. Do it a few times, and you should already notice a difference. It is always best to warm up the middle voice before moving to the high and low extremes.

2. Breathe correctly. You should be breathing with your diaphragm, in other words, when you inhale, your stomach should rise first followed by your chest. Stand up straight, and try singing some quick "ha, ha" to feel quick the quick puffs of air that come right from the lower parts of your belly. This is called "support" of the voice.

3. Start in the middle of your range and sing higher and higher. Keep singing along the notes scaling up and down. Never strain your voice. Your throat should not hurt. Drink enough water to hydrate your vocal cords.

4. One more very useful exercise is to rapidly ascend and descend a five-tone scale. Begin at what is for you mid-range and then use either a vowel sound like “ah” or “oo” or the buzz (known also as lip roll or bubble lips). The pattern you want to do is do-re-mi-fa-so-fa-mi-re-do. Commence the second pattern half a step over the initial one and carry on in that fashion. Make sure you employ good breathing support.

Learning how to sing higher notes takes practice
A few practice sessions over a couple of weeks will not ‘banish’ bad habits nor will it transform your voice from amateur to professional quality. There are many aspects and elements to singing well and only with consistent and regular practice to implement the techniques required to develop the WHOLE voice, will you see dramatic changes in your vocal production.

Next time you are practicing or even singing along with a familiar song, try to implement the above technique. Try to work on material that is not OVERLY challenging – something you can memorize quickly, that has a reasonable range of pitches.  

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